We have fallen in love with love and capturing it in its natural beauty. We like to stay behind the scenes quietly capturing those candid, raw moments that you can hold onto for a lifetime. We know too well how nerve-racking, awkward and often fake having a photoshoot can be, so instead we let you flow comfortably, capturing YOU being your awesome selves in your natural beauty!!

We have been a power couple for four years now after we met through our love of Basketball. We are currently building our first home and we will be getting married in November 2021. We have both always connected over our love for film and photography, whether that be by showing off some of our spectacular travel images across the globe or through capturing more intimate, special moments for our friends and family. We have always wanted to take the plunge and turn our creative hobby into something we could do for a living together, and here we are.

- Matt & Jess -

Behind the Cameras


I will be your crazy film maker!

I started my creative journey in high school where I took several film and marketing classes, from here I fell in love with videography.

To put it simple, I love people. I have worked in every person to person job you could imagine, insurance sales, travel sales, grocery retail, liquor retail and the list goes on. I love connecting with people and finding out what makes different people tick. I believe this connection to people is what makes me perfect for this job. I not only capture the amazing moments such as the first kiss and dance, but the finer more personal moments people often appreciate, and other videographers might miss. I can’t wait to paint the story of your special day!

What are my favourite things in this world?
- Creamy food
- Sweat Pants
- Of coarse Videography!!



What are my favourite things in this world?
- Dark chocolate
- Camping by the beach!
- My little puppy Buddy


I am a qualified teacher who has an artistic flair and love for capturing moments in time. One of my favourite things to do is sit down and look through old photo albums and reminisce.

I began my love for photography when I went travelling solo around Europe in my early 20’s. I worked for months straight at a retail job saving for my very first DSLR camera to take on the trip. This camera meant the wold to me and this camera went absolutely everywhere with me the whole trip… including the night clubs. I still remember being blown away by the quality and colour of some of these incredible scenic places I was fortunate enough to travel to.

For me, capturing these photographs was a way to remember all of those moments I won’t get back… to look back at albums and smile. I hope to be a large part of this process for all of our clients who take home memories to look back on with a smile and maybe even a tear.

I look forward to being a part of your special moments.



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